Sunflower Competition – Judgement Day

Our Sunflower Seedhead Judgement Day is almost here – it will be next Saturday the 10th October at Ampleforth Village Hall between 10am – 12pm. Myself and a few other Committee members will be at the side of the Village Hall to collect your selected champion seedhead contender. Judging will take place later in the afternoon and the sunflower seedhead with the greatest circumference (in millimetres) measured with a flexible tape-measure will win £10 for it’s owner. If there is a tie in circumference measurement by 2 or more seedheads the prize will be shared by those in contention. An email will be sent to all members announcing the winner(s) with a photo of the winning seedhead(s)Please deliver your sunflower seedhead in a plastic bag together with your name printed on on a piece of paper/card (we have your home/email address) and state whether you want it RETURNED or DONATED. If the latter, your seedhead will be disposed of by being suspended in trees in a local woodland for birds to enjoy. The winner(s) will receive their prize money asap. Those who wish their seedheads to be returned will be able to collect them from the Ampleforth Village Hall on Saturday 17th October between 10 – 11pm.Thanks to all of you who have participated in this lengthy competition with the early drought, frequent rain and some high winds and congratulations to all who have managed to achieve a potentially winning seedhead.